My heart is shattered – RIP Simi and Missy

My heart is shattered. We bid goodbye to Missy yesterday after 13+ years of love, loyalty and licking. Over the past few months, she was on medication for a host of issues. A week ago, she completely stopped eating and became lethargic.

I took this picture on Monday. She looks so healthy but looks can be deceiving. She wanted to sit by the lake. We sat there for an hour in the evening as the sun set behind us. She gazed at the birds flitting about. She gazed at the water. She knew that her time was coming to an end. She took everything in quietly for the final time.

Missy taught me loyalty. She taught me how to be happy even when my body hurt and my mind was weak. She taught me that every day is a new beginning. She taught me how to live in the moment. She taught me that sometimes it’s okay to just eat and sleep, and speak to strangers, and lick your wounds, and laugh, and cry, and be sad, and be happy. She taught me how to jump with joy. She taught me how to snuggle. Most of all, she taught me how to love unconditionally.

Simi said goodbye about 18 months ago. Now Missy says goodbye. I don’t believe in life-after-death or the energy of the soul, but I hope they are together in some other space and time. I hope their souls are united and happy. I hope they are taking care of each other.

My heart is shattered. We lit two candles this evening with tears in our eyes. We miss you Simi and Missy. RIP.

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