Restarting blogging – the trip to Mumbai

The last day I blogged was the last day of January. I will reactivate my posts in the next few days. I am not going to blog daily, but will restart blogging about once a week (or whenever I feel like it).

A lot has happened in February and March. In late January, I went to India. I spent a few days in Mumbai with family. We had all gathered for Dev’s wedding. I met up with old swimming buddies, ate and drank a lot at the wedding, ran up-and-down Marine Drive a few times and just hung out with family. It was good times!

All through this, I had Missy on my mind. She was in safe hands with Binita but she wasn’t doing well. She was on a heavy cocktail of meds and had started losing weight. It is sad that dogs live for only about fifteen years. It is so hard to let go, but we have no choice. When Simi passed away 18 months ago, she took a piece of my heart with her. Fortunately, she also left a piece of her heart with me. My heart is purer for having spent 13 years with Simi. It is the same with Missy.

I had fun in India in February meeting old friends and hanging with family. It always warms my heart to go home. Things have changed in India and mostly NOT for the better, but it is still home. I missed Binita and my pups but that is the life I have chosen.

My heart is still heavy with Missy’s recent passing. My concentration has shifted to training for the London Marathon. I leave on the 20th of April. So far, my training has gone well. I will blog more about it later this week.

After spending a few days in Mumbai with old friends and family, my American friends Jamie, Jim and Lori from Pipeline Worldwide arrived. We spent the day in Mumbai visiting Elephanta caves, and then took off to Bhubaneshwar. I will blog soon about our trip out east. For now, here are some pictures from Mumbai.

Sharing a good laugh at Dev’s wedding with Naman
Enjoying dinner at Dev’s wedding in Mumbai

Sheel-Devan in Mumbai

4 generations of girls!
Posing after dinner at Dev’s wedding

Somewhere in Mumbai – not sure where this pic was taken!

Four of us! Nothing but love

Grand family portrait at Dev’s wedding
Me, my mom, Jamie, Lori, Jim (left to right)

Rhesus monkey at Elephanta caves

Various Shiva forms at Elephanta caves near Mumbai

Elephanta Caves carved from stone

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