Run, Bike, Charity, 86th Birthday

It is strange coming home to a house without my pups. I miss the clip-clop of nails ticking on tiled floors, the panting and sighs of excitement, the occasional barking at a stranger passing by, the love and affection, even the begging for people-food. I go through bouts of sadness when I see someone walking their dog by the lake. My heart goes heavy for a while…

Ending a hot bikeride by the lake

My mum arrived in to Phoenix earlier this month. Naman arrived a few days ago. They both left this morning. We celebrated her 86th birthday yesterday at an Ethiopian restaurant in Tempe. It was mellow but fun with excellent food. We gorged ourselves (except Naman)!

My next big race is the Berlin Marathon on September 25. I will start training for it in the last week of May (16 week program). For now, I am enjoying the rest and relaxation with a occasional easy run, bike ride or boot camp at The Village. I haven’t yet fully recovered from the London Marathon. Apparently, it takes about 6 weeks to fully recover!

Dead Baby Snake – spotted while running

Naman has used his connections to get into the New York marathon in November. He will train in the humidity of Washington, DC while I train in the heat of Arizona. I don’t think either of us are going to have much fun, especially on the long runs.

With Sister Rosemary at the Charity Auction

I’m thinking of going to a 4-day running camp in mid-June in Flagstaff to get some guidance on strength, core, speed, endurance and nutrition. It’ll be hot here in Scottsdale, but Flagstaff should be nice and cool in June. I’ll decide in a week or so.

Earlier this week, we had a big charity event organized by Pipeline Worldwide called Borderline. Around 300 people showed up to contribute to causes in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, India and USA. I don’t know the final tally but we raised around $150,000 through a variety of auctions and sponsorships. I was on the stage for a few minutes introducing and interviewing Dr. Rahman of Good News India. He runs 23 underprivileged homes in Odisha, India. I feel good about being involved in Pipeline; it keeps me more balanced.

Things are boring and routine these days. Work is steady, the Arizona heat has returned with a vengeance, training is mellow and I miss my pups. Life goes on…

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