Why has dog life-expectancy remained the same?

My last triathlon was the Cabo Ironman in Mexico in March of 2014. About a month after race, I was diagnosed with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism). I had to give up biking for about 18 months after I was diagnosed with PE and was on rat-killer blood-thinning medication! Since I got off the blood thinner, I’ve been biking short distances; some solo and some in small groups.

Rode to watch the Tempe Triathlon with Kristi

The Tempe Triathlon was last weekend. Kristi and I rode our bikes down to cheer on the athletes. It was a gorgeous day with bright sunshine and light winds. I have to admit that I was quite jealous that I was merely a spectator. I had the itch to get back into the the triathlon game. I have decided to do a tri this summer. It’ll be a small race, most likely a sprint but it will (hopefully) be the first of many!

Gopher Snake by the lake

Things are relatively quiet in my life. Work is smooth and strong. I’ve been running easy distances to keep my fitness up. I also go to bootcamp every Tuesday evening to get my butt kicked. I bike once a week or so. I have not been in the pool in ages.

Collard Lizard

There’s a family of collard lizards who have taken up residence in our front yard. Missy and Simi would have stared at them all day long. Instead, a deafening hush has fallen upon our home; I miss the wag and bark of my pups. I miss Missy and Simi dearly. Some moments are sadder than others. Why is it that human life-expectancy has grown from 40 to 80 and dog life-expectancy has remained at 15? It’s not fair.

Our travel plans this year are shaping up into a regular rhythm. Some are tentative and some are finalized:

  • June 9 to 12: Flagstaff, AZ for run camp (tentative)
  • July 4 weekend: California coast (tentative)
  • August 13 weekend: Chicago (tentative)
  • September 20 to 27: Berlin Marathon (and surrounding areas)
  • November 10 to 23: India for Sanjana’s wedding (New Delhi, Ahmedabad, TBD city)
Otherwise, life goes on…

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