Berlin Marathon Training | Week 1

The Berlin Marathon is on September 25. My training started last Monday. The first week of training is complete:

  • Monday: Easy Bike (ended up biking for 30+ miles)
  • Tuesday: Boot Camp (tough tough tough)
  • Wednesday: Shake-off run (easy 30 minutes)
  • Thursday: Rest day (well-deserved)
  • Friday: Fartlek or Tempo Run (40-minute Intervals)
  • Saturday: Either easy bike or long run (7 mile easy run)
  • Sunday: Either easy bike or long run (ended up biking 23.3 miles with Kristi)

It was hotter-than-hell last weekend weekend in Arizona. On Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures broke all kinds or records by touching 115 degrees. On Sunday, Kristi and I started biking at 6AM but still felt the heat by the time we finished.

I signed up for McMillan running camp in Flagstaff (June 9 to 12). It’s a packed agenda from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning with trail running, various lectures and discussions, track workouts, etc. etc. It’ll be a perfect way to beat the Arizona heat.

Overall, life is routine. Work is work (going quite well actually). The void in my heart remains from the absence of Simi and Missy. I sometimes stare into the night sky thinking of them.

Our travel plans this year are pretty solid with trips planned to California (July), Chicago (August – tentative), Berlin (September) and India (November).

I’ll blog more from Flagstaff this weekend…

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