Hard intervals, long run and a trip to Monterey

It rained in Scottsdale this week. The heat momentarily subsided from a high last week of around 118 degrees to a high just barely above triple digits. It was nice to see overcast skies, electric lightning and cracking thunder intermittently throughout the week.

Gorgeous overcast skies during 12 mile run
12 mile route

Week 2 of my training for the Berlin Marathon is going quite well. The highlight was the early-morning 12 mile run in the drizzling rain yesterday. I started from my house at the stroke of dawn (5:30AM). The temperature was in the mid-70s with a light breeze and a sprinkling of mist in the air. It was a gorgeous morning as I crisscrossed through the Silverleaf neighborhood for a mile before heading west on Thompson Peak, south on Pima, east on Legacy and sough on 94th Street all the way down to Westworld. The first 6 miles were all downhill before the terrain flattened for a mile and then came back uphill on Thompson Peak back into the Silverleaf neighborhood. The last couple of miles were tough but I loved every moment of it. I averaged a satisfactory 8:32 pace.

I don’t get to run outside much in the summer; hence the rare outdoor run brings joy! It brought some sadness too when I saw a few scattered people walking their dogs. With a heavy heart, I ran on thinking of all the times I walked with Simi and Missy…

Earlier this week, I ran hard intervals on the treadmill at The Village. I started easy, ran six repeats of 800 hard and 200 easy before running 200 strides and 200 easy. I finished up the 8.5 miles with a 10-minute cool down.

We are leaving for a quick 4th of July vacation to Monterey, CA in a few hours. Binita wants to see otters in the bay. I just want to get away somewhere cool. There’s a 5k run on Monday (July 4) near Monterey in a small town called Spreckels. I plan to run it. I have no idea if the course is flat or hilly but I’m hoping for good running weather. With a bit of luck, I’m hoping to run the 5k at a near-7-minute pace.

London Marathon #OneInAMillion shirt

Earlier this week, I received my official #OneInAMillion London Marathon shirt. Since 1981 I am finisher number 977746. Speaking on London, #Brexit has been in the news lately. It seems like Britons voted for Brexit thinking it would never pass and now regret it. I’m sure the new word will be #Bregret!

More from Monterey after the race…

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