Stunningly gorgeous sunrise in Wichita, Kansas

I’m in my fourth week of Berlin Marathon training. So far, things have gone quite well. The super-hot temperatures in Scottsdale have forced me to run frequently on the treadmill either at The Village or at work. The longest I have run on the treadmill was last Sunday. I ran 14 miles in just short of 2 hours. It’s a good thing that the Portugal-France Euro 2016 soccer game was on the Tele; it kept me entertained for most of my long run. (Portugal won in OT).

Stunning sunrise in Wichita, KS

Yesterday, I flew to Wichita, Kansas for work. Instead of 110-degree heat, I am down to the 80s and 90s here in Wichita. It’s really humid here but the terrain is totally flat and green. I ran an easy 4 miles this morning in off-and-on drizzling rain with overcast skies. I caught this stunningly gorgeous sunset (above) while running with brilliant hues of orange and red reflecting off the lake as ducks and geese floated on the calm waters. I don’t like to travel for work but these small moments in faraway places make spending nights in hotels a little easier. I will run again tomorrow morning!

Cyclologic Ride on Saturdays

I’ve been biking on Saturday mornings with Cyclologic and Thursday evenings with Bicycle Ride. These rides keep my cross-training going. I stretch before (and sometimes after) bike-rides and runs, skip rope once a week and sometimes do random strength exercises. I’ve been injury-free since my knee issues last week. Training has become routine; even effortless (hope I didn’t just jinx it)!

14 miles in 116 minutes

Tomorrow, I return back to the Arizona heat.

For about a week, we’ve had house-full. Rahul-Janki-Kai-Anika and Sami-Shadow are staying at our place because their house floor is being redone. It’s been a whole lot of excitement, laughter and festivities. Sketching, painting, scrabble, comic-books, Alexa-jokes, etc. etc. have been on the menu. I love having people over (especially good friends and family). I love being social.

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