Another scorching hot week in Arizona

The weather remains super-hot in Arizona with no signs of cooling down. It’s the same old story when it’s this hot as far as running is concerned. I am relegated to the treadmill even for long runs, tempo runs and interval runs. It’s not fun.

Ethel’s Park, Silverleaf, Scottsdale

After returning from Wichita two Fridays ago, I have settled back into a pretty normal routine back home. I ran long last Sunday (16 miles) on the treadmill. I ran another 18 miles on a treadmill yesterday. Painful. On a positive note, I did run outdoors once but it was at the crack of dawn.

This week, the forecast calls for scattered showers. I hope the forecast comes true and I can run outside for a change.

Christ Froome won the Tour de France again yesterday (3rd time). I was rooting for Nairo Quintana of Colombia but he fell short. Nairo is an incredible climber but apparently allergies were bothering him on mountain stages. Next year…

Chris Froome, Tour de France Champ, 2016

Politics has taken center-stage in the US. The crazies support Trump. The sane ones support Clinton. To me, the choice is so obvious. However, convincing a crazy Trump support (I haven’t met many) is like pulling teeth! Rooting for your party has become like rooting for a sports team; there is no logic – you either bleed RED or bleed BLUE!

In the second weekend of August, we are traveling to Chicago for the weekend. My old friend Kevin turns 50; I’m hoping to see some old friends from my days in Columbus, Ohio. While in Chicago, I’m thinking of running a half marathon or at least a 5k.

National Tequila Day, Cheers!

Yesterday was apparently National Tequila Day. I’m sure it was promoted by the liquor industry (cynicism intended). I had tequila two days in a row (once at a restaurant, once at home). Cheers!

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