Running in Rockville, MD | Racing in Chicago, IL

Rockville, MD urban run through the woods

Earlier this week, I had to travel for work to the Washington, DC area. I was only gone for a couple of days but made the most of the lush green urban streets of Rockville, MD (just north of DC) to run a hilly, humid and relatively hot 5-mile run. I found a nicely wooded area near the hotel as I looped around commercial as well as residential areas. All my other runs (in Scottsdale) have been on the treadmill. The heat is back with a few scattered storms mixed in!

We are off to Chicago this weekend for my friend Kevin’s 50th birthday celebration. Once again, I am making the most of my trip by running a half marathon on the lakefront on Sunday. It is expected to be warm and humid (and maybe windy) for the race. I’ll be happy to pace at around 8 minutes for the race.

The Olympics are in full swing. I’m just about sick of watching swimming where they hand out medals like it is candy. I can’t wait for track & field to take center stage. I’ll be keenly watching the long-distance races; especially 5ks, 10ks and marathons.

This morning, I saw the East Africans dominate the 10k women’s race. Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia just smashed the world record to run the race in 29:17.45. That is crazy fast. Seriously crazy fast.

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