Birthday, rejection and 7 days to Berlin!

Gorgeous skies earlier this week as I ran outdoors

I turned 47 on September 12. I was born in 1963. You do the math. If you know me well, you know how I do age math!

On Thursday, I got news from the Tokyo Marathon that I didn’t make the lottery cut. I’m not surprised because my changes of getting in were 1 in 8; not very good. Tokyo will have to wait until 2018. Chicago will be my 2017 focus.

For now though, it’s all about Berlin. This time next week, I will be running the Berlin Marathon. My training has gone well. Last Sunday was my last long run of 15.25 treadmill miles (taper week). The weather has cooled down a little allowing for a couple of outside runs earlier this week.

Speaking of weather, it is expected to be near perfect weather in Berlin with partly cloud skies, temperatures in the mid 50s and low 60s, and light winds. It will be chilly at the start but should make for a fun race with 40,000 runners. As always, I’ll be fine for the first 18 miles. We’ll see what challenges I will face in the final 8 miles!

adidas Adizero 3 broken in for Berlin
Bib #34867 at the Berlin Marathon

I expect to wear the colors of India for the marathon. Orange shoes, orange and green calf sleeves, a white shirt, a green accented heart rate monitor on my left wrist and my orange or green Ironman visor (TBD) is the outfit I have put together. It is comfortable and colorful.

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