Geranium, Copenhagen is the Best Restaurant in the World. Period.

For about 20 years, I have said the Bukhara in New Delhi is the best restaurant in the world. In fact, I have maintained that Bukhara is so good that there is no restaurant in even second or third place. That changed earlier this week in Copenhagen. Move over Bukhara because there is a new champion of the world.

We ate at Geranium in Copenhagen on Thursday, September 22 (3 days before I ran the Berlin Marathon).

If you are a “foodie” you probably know about Chef Rasmus Kofoed. If you don’t, think twice about calling yourself a foodie. I have to mention that I cannot stand the term “foodie” but that is a blog for another day. The concept at Geranium is quite simple; superb service, stunning presentations, mind-blowing food, amazing views, incredible atmosphere. The whole 4-hour experience was nothing short of spectacular. It doesn’t hurt that the restaurant is in Copenhagen which is now my favorite city in Europe and second only to Cape Town worldwide.

The journey to Geranium started with a gorgeous 30-minute walk from our hotel (Kong Arthur). We meandered through the busy streets of Copenhagen, walking by the canal soaking in the gentle sunshine as hundreds of bicyclists rode the streets. The canal has a decent variety of bird-life with swans and coots and grebes gently skimming the surface. Copenhagen is an active city with dozens of fit-looking runners running at all paces in all directions. We passed by football fields (for you American readers, read soccer) as hundreds of young girls and boys practiced their skills to become the next superstar.

We took the elevator up to the 8th floor of the F.C. København (FC Copenhagen) stadium. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the hostess who showed us to our table. The restaurant has an elegant decor, distinctly Scandinavian with clean lines. Panoramic windows provide views of the soccer fields with the city in the background. Our table was by the window right in the center of the restaurant. I reckon we had the best view. The food journey was about to begin. Little did I know that the next 4 hours would dethrone Bukhara. Little did I know that food could stimulate one’s senses so dramatically; all senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Wine Pairings – Geranium – Copenhagen

The menu was pre fixe with “The Autumn Universe” theme. Binita ordered the wine pairing and I ordered the juice pairing.

Juice Pairings – Geranium – Copenhagen

We weren’t the only table taking pictures; almost every table was. Almost everyone at the restaurant were there for the perfect afternoon experience. Instead of writing about dish of each course, here are pictures. All I will say is that the pictures, while spectacular, hardly do any justice to the aroma and the taste and even the sound. 20 perfect courses for an absolutely divine experience.

If you are in Europe, it’s worth a flight to Copenhagen to eat at Geranium. It is the BEST restaurant in the world. Period.

Appetizers (6 courses)

Appetizer Menu – Geranium – Copenhagen

Lobster, Milk & Juice from Fermented Carrots & Sea Buckthorn
Jerusalem Artichoke Leaves, Walnut Oil & Rye Vinegar
Tomato Water, Ham Fat & Aromatic Herbs
Charred Potato in Aroma from Bark & Sheep’s Butter
“Dillstone” Mackerel, Horseradish & Frozen Juice from Pickled Dill
“Razor Clam” with Minerals & Sour Cream

Dishes (7 courses)

Dishes Menu – Geranium – Copenhagen
Celeriac, Scallop & Dried Trout
Salted Hake, Parsley Stems & Finnish Caviar in Buttermilk
Crispy Grains, Bread with Old Grains & Gluten Free Bread with Seeds
Creamy Vegetables with Oyster, Peas & Pickled Elderflowers
Wild Herbs, Leek, Smoked Pork Fat & Melted “Vesterhavs” Cheese
King Crab in Cabbage, Beach Plants & Söl Vinegar
Grilled Pork on the “Bone”, Pickled Pine & Blackcurrant Leaves

Desserts (3 courses)

Desserts Menu – Geranium – Copenhagen
A Bite of Beetroot, Rhubarb, Yoghurt & Tagetes
Ice Cream from Beeswax, Pollen & Honey with Blueberries
Wood Sorrel & Woodruff

Sweets (4 items)

Sweets Menu – Geranium – Copenhagen
Caramel, Cake with Pumpkin Seed Oil, Chocolate with Oats & Sea Buckthorn, Green Egg with Pine

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