Why you should vote for Hillary Clinton

The election is upon us.

Lots and lots of conversations in both camps center around how bad the opposing candidate is. Trump supports think Hillary is evil, secretive, a criminal and is going to take their precious guns away (their bases for argument are pretty much  baseless). Hillary supports think Trump is a self-centered, egotistical, sexist, racist misogynist who changes his mind based on which way the wind is blowing (their bases for argument is pretty much based on Trump’s own words). If you know me well, you know that I have been a Clinton supporter since before Obama was first elected in 2007. I genuinely believe in her. A lot! #ImWhitHer Why? Because she is the single best person who can successfully navigate the existing political framework (including gridlock) while advancing progressive values not just in America but all over the world. And she happens to be a woman. She may not have the populism or charisma that her husband (or Obama) have, but she is cerebral and has devoted her life to public service.

If you are Trump supporter, none of what I am about to write will make sense. You can go listen to vitriolic attacks directed at Hillary Clinton on right-wing radio or Fox news. However, if you are rational, or you haven’t made up your mind, or are leaning towards casting a protest vote for either Johnson or Stein, take a few minutes to examine a few points:

  • Hillary Clinton’s may lack charisma (although we find her inspirational), but her policies have teeth. Her domestic policies are sound and centered around even-handed economics that take into account sustained growth while serving those in need. Her policies are woman-friendly and kid-friendly. Her policies are education-friendly and environment-friendly. Her policies are about imposing just the right amount of regulations so we all can have clean air, clean water, clean power and clean lives.

    I read an African saying somewhere, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a whole nation.” I can’t think of a single person who can effectively implement this simple philosophy better than Hillary Clinton. She has lived this philosophy her entire life. Read on…

  • Hillary Clinton’s resume even before she became first lady was really impressive. Check this out (this is all before 1992):
    • Chairman of the Board, Children’s Defense Fund
    • Chairman of the Board, American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession
    • Grant Foundation Commission on Youth and America’s Future
    • Board of Director, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (you may not like this snippet but do you have any idea what it takes to be on the Board of a Fortune-500 Corporation?)
    • Board of Director, Southern Development Bancorporation
    • Chairperson of Arkansas Education Standards Committee
    • 1984 Esquire Magazine Register of “Best of the New Generation”
    • 1983 Arkansas Woman of the Year
    • 1984 Phi Delta Kappa Award for Outstanding Layman of the Year for Contributions to Education
    • 1985 Arkansas Bar Association and Arkansas Bar Foundation Award: “To recognize outstanding achievements as a lawyer and role model.”
    • Faculty Member, Schools of Law, University of Arkansas
    • Partner, Rose Law Firm
    • Education: High Honors, Wellesley College (side snippet: when I ran the Boston Marathon, I kissed the girls)
    • Education: Law Degree, Yale Law School

      Impressive, right? I bet you had no idea! This is not even a comprehensive list. After all this, she became first lady for 8 years, and then Senator of New York (where EVERYONE heaped praises for her – including Rudy Guiliani (now a stupefyingly crazy Trump supporter). Read on…

  • Conventional wisdom for those opposing Hillary is that “she is a liar.” She has been hounded by those who are threatened by her (notice that I don’t use the word enemies) for about 30 years. Yet, take a look at this PolitiFact (independent fact-checking website) about the candidates in the current Presidential race. I’m not surprised that Trump is number 1 and Hillary is second from the bottom (notice that she scores better than even Bernie Sanders).

Surprised? Read on…

  • If you really want to get into why Hillary would make THE most cerebral President EVER, read this article. It talks about her agenda and how in a tiny office, the future of America is taking shape (and it is brighter than it has ever been). This was posted on The Huffington Post (admittedly a liberal website) in September, 2016 (the day after the Democratic convention). It is brilliant. She is brilliant.
  • Hillary Clinton represents the under-served and under-privileged people of America (of the world really). Women, check. Black and browns, check. LGBTQ, check. Want a few examples? The Children’s Health Insurance Program now covers mostly children of color who were previously uninsured; thanks to policies spearheaded by Hillary. Now they have healthcare. The Clinton Foundation (which has been receiving negative press lately) has actually served more than 9 million (not a typo) HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. As for the Clinton Foundation itself, check out its rating on www.CharityNavigator.org – you’ll see how awful they are (sarcasm intended).
  • If you’ve heard the “lock her up” or “trump that bitch” chants at Trump rallies, you know the character of the folks shouting these atrocities. They are mostly directed at Hillary’s time as Secretary of State and her Foreign Policies (and actions). Liberals think she is too much of a hawk. Conservatives think she is too much of a dove. There in lies her pragmatism. First and foremost, Hillary’s standing among our allies is nothing short of stellar. She has gone toe-to-toe against the likes of Putin (contrast that against Trump who folded meekly when he met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto). While Hillary has actually increased military action on seven different occasions (according the Foreign Policy magazine), she considers taking military action as the absolute last resort. Hillary has the utmost respect for all International agreements (climate change, military, etc.) especially as they relate to G7 and NATO. She firmly believes in the moral responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with our military might.
  • I can go on and on about her compassion, her drive, her steadfast commitments and her family. I look forward to the world calling her “Madam President.” After 225+ years of American history, the first woman President is imminent.
As a philosophy, Hillary’s book title “It Takes a Village” says it all. It does take a Village. I sincerely hope that we elect the finest and most qualified American President the world has ever seen. It will make America a better place. It will make the world a better place.

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