Peoria, Phoenix, Sedona, Tokyo, Chicago – lining up races

My upcoming races are lined up!

  • Sunday, December 18, 2016 | Desert Classic 5k, Peoria, AZ
  • Sunday, January 15, 2017 | Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k, Tempe, AZ
  • Sunday, February 4, 2017 | Sedona Half Marathon, Sedona, AZ
  • Sunday, February 25, 2017 | Tokyo Marathon, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sunday, February 8, 2017 | Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL

The Chicago Marathon is in the distant future but I was happy to win a lottery spot. If all goes well in Tokyo and Chicago, I will complete all 6 Marathon Majors in 2017. It’s a bucket list thing for me (although I’m way too young for a bucket list). I’m quite certain that I will continue running marathons; the frequency will decrease but I still have plenty of continents to cover. I may switch to triathlons; maybe even sign up for an Ironman!

Pet Charity Ride with Mark and Shelly
Hidden Hills Ride with Kristi and Katie

The first week of training for the Tokyo Marathon was last week. After a brief bout with chest congestion, I had a strong week with a decent interval run (mid-week), a long run of a half-marathon (Saturday), and a 40+ mile hilly charity bike-ride for a Pet Rescue (Sunday). So far, this week too is progressing well with a tough fartlek ladder run a couple of days ago and an easy ride up Hidden Hills today. Tomorrow (December 18) is the 5k race in Peoria. I’m nervous about it because I’m still not 100% from my chest congestion and I have definitely lost speed over the past couple of years. I’m still hoping for a 21-minute 5k but we shall see!

Greenbelt – Half  Marathon Training Run

The jigsaw puzzle is complete now. Both Binita and I have been obsessively working on it. Unfortunately, as you can see, 5 pieces are missing! After all that work, we will return it. It’s time for a new one!

3000-piece jigsaw puzzle with 5 missing pieces

The Christmas holidays are almost here. It looks like we will be somewhat busy at work this year but I’m sure I will find time for long runs and rides. This year, Naman will not be spending the holidays with us. He has decided to venture off to Spain and Holland.

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