A week to the Tokyo Marathon

It’s been raining in Arizona since last night. This afternoon and evening, the rain was pretty heavy. To our surprise, there was a bobcat lurking on our roof next to the solar panels. I could barely contain my excitement as she delicately walked on top of the trellis in our courtyard and settled to groom herself under a ledge to protect from the rain. I got my camera out and snapped a few shots as she looked at me with her steely but gorgeous yellow-green eyes. Check her out…

The Tokyo Marathon is a week from tomorrow. Most of my training has gone quite well. Tempo runs, interval training, strength sessions and long runs are all finished. Tomorrow, I have a 10-mile run and then a short fartlek session on Tuesday. Next Wednesday (Feb 22), we fly out to Japan.

My bib packet arrived last week. My official bib number is D83213. I know that I have to enter the starting line through Gate 5, my bib will be orange and I have to check-in my baggage at Hibiya Park. At this time, I have no idea what all that means (although I’m glad I got orange as my color – I plan to wear orange and green calf sleeves (much like Berlin)).

The past week was tough at work. Long hours and several late nights later, we were able to deliver a relatively large project for a hospitality client successfully. Through it all, I was able to get my training runs in although some of them were on the treadmill. I prefer to run outside but the body does not know the difference between a treadmill and outside, only the mind does!

The Tokyo Marathon course looks fast and flat. From everything I have read, the starting line is chaotic but then it smooths out rapidly. This was the case in London, New York and Berlin. I haven’t finalized my race-plan yet but hope to run the marathon at a pace of around 8:30 or so. That would put my time right around 3:45. I’d be happy with that time but ecstatic if I can go below 3:40! Here’s what the map looks like. Easy as pie. 26.2 miles! NOT!

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