The routine life in North Scottsdale

I’ve been meaning to blog about the Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani but have been procrastinating. I’ll do so in the next week or so.

Life has been pretty routine lately.

It was Missy’s birthday on the 28th of February and Simi’s birthday on 20th of March. Needless to say, I miss them both dearly. I think of them fondly but always with a heavy heart…

I got a few pictures from the Tokyo Marathon. For the most part, I look like I was having fun (like the one on the left; clearly I’m hamming it up). I may be breaking some sort of rule by putting up this picture (notice that it says “do not copy”).

I was sick for a few days about 10 days ago but am recovering quite nicely. Running and biking was on hold but has picked up over the past few days. After a lousy biking outing last Saturday (I got dropped after 10 miles), I had a decent ride on Sunday and again yesterday.

I’m riding the BikeMS ride (probably ~50 miles but may up it to ~70 miles if I feel good) this Saturday and may ride again on Sunday. It’s a super-hilly ride so am hoping for calm winds.

We have no upcoming vacations planned this summer (yet). I’m sure we will get away somewhere for a week or two (maybe Central America or maybe Canada), but it is yet to be decided.

Gambel’s Quail camouflaged in the bushes

I’m back to birding regularly, but mostly in North Scottsdale. There isn’t a great variety of birds here but I’m happy with Lesser Goldfinches at our bird-feeder and other birds like Woodpeckers, Quails, Herons and a few ducks that frequent the neighborhood.

Lesser Goldfinch by the birdfeeder

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