Springtime in Scottsdale

I’m not training for anything right now but go out on casual runs and bike rides. Last week, I sprained my ankle on the Bosu Ball. It wasn’t significant and has pretty much healed by now.

It’s late spring in Scottsdale. The desert cacti flowers are waning after blooming for the past month. This year, it was a bumper crop; you should’ve seen the bright yellow, red, pink, orange and even purple flowers. Some birds are still nesting while others already have month-old babies. I haven’t seen any live snakes yet this year but all kinds of reptiles are out and about. I love the Arizona spring.

Here are a few pictures from the spring of 2017.

Great Horned Owl Chick
Gilded Flicker
Desert Spiny Lizard Couple
Prairie Falcon (Top Ledge of Tom’s Thumb)

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