Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

It remains hot in Arizona although not quite as hot as it was a couple of weeks back. Week 2 of Chicago Marathon concludes today with less than 100 days to go for the race. Early morning rides are still on the menu but all runs this week were on the treadmill.

On Thursday, I ran a “Pace Booster” run designed to build stamina and lactate threshold tolerance. After starting easy for the first 15 minutes, I ran 3 intervals of 10 minutes each with 2 minutes easy recovery. The first 2 intervals were at a steady-state pace (around 7:40 per mile) and the 3rd interval was at tempo pace (around 7:20 per mile), before cooling down for 12 minutes for a 60-minute run.

Today (Sunday), my long run was 15 treadmill miles!

I haven’t been to a baseball game in eons. That changed yesterday. We went with Mitch and Nancy to see the Diamondbacks beat the Colorado Rockies 6-2. I’m not into baseball but after devouring a tasty bratwurst with lemonade followed by a whole bunch of popcorn, I had a good time. The game was followed by a hearty dose fireworks! It’s July 4th weekend after all.

Chicago Marathon Week 2 Training Recap:

  • Monday, June 26, 2017: Cardio Strength | 32 mins | The Village
  • Tuesday, June 27, 2017: Easy Run | 6 miles | 50 mins | Treadmill (The Village) | 
  • Wednesday, June 28, 2017: Rest Day
  • Thursday, June 29, 2017: Pace Booster Run with 3 repeats times 10 min (first 2 at Steady State, last 1 at Tempo) | 7.4 miles | 60 mins | Treadmill (The Village)
  • Friday, June 30, 2017: Rest Day
  • Saturday, July 1, 2017: easy Bike Ride | 19 miles | 1:04 hrs | Cyclologic Group B (returned back solo)
  • Sunday, July 2, 2017: Long Run | 15 miles | 2:04 hrs | Treadmill (The Village)
Pictured below is a Goldfinch feeding on thistle seed by hanging upside down on a bird-feeder in our front yard; it’s the only way she can get to the feeding hole. The bird-feeder is specifically designed for Goldfinches; other birds don’t have the acrobatics to feed the way Goldfinches can! They put on quite a show for us daily.
I took this shot yesterday when the morning sunlight focused perfectly on the goldfinch leaving the background dark in the shadows.

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