Chicago Marathon Training Week 3

A few months ago, I bought a non-SLR camera; the Nikon B700. Photography inherently works. You point, you compose, you click. The camera does all the hard work like focusing and figuring out the speed and aperture and all that junk! I thought the pictures I took were okay at best (you have seen some of these pictures in my past blog posts).

After using it for a few months with mixed results, I finally decided to open the manual. To my pleasant surprise, it has a “Bird Watching” mode and also has time-lapse mode. I’m excited to try out both features! I can’t belive I didn’t even know!!

Here is the only picture I have taken so far in bird-watching mode! This is a male Goldfinch perched on a Japanese Orchid tree (it’s not really a Japanese Orchid, but that’s how they sell it here in Arizona).

Anyway, Chicago training week 3 concluded today. After tragically watching Richie Porte get knocked out of the Tour de France this morning, I went to the gym and ran 17 miles on the treadmill for my long run of the week. It remains hot outside but there is a hint of moisture in the air. Over the past couple of days, it has been cloudy and windy. The last few miles of my bike-ride yesterday with Cyclologic Group B (total of 37 miles) were scorching hot. I couldn’t wait to get it over with so I could come home and take a long nap!

As you can see from the following, training is going well.

  • Monday, July 3: Rest Day
  • Tuesday, July 4: Easy Run | 7.2 miles | 1 hour | Treadmill (The Village)
  • Wednesday, July 5: Easy Bike Ride | 20.16 miles | 1:12 hrs | Airpark Bikes Group C
  • Thursday, July 6: Yasso 800s x 8 and 200 x 3 strides | 8.39 miles | 1:06 hrs | Treadmill (The Village)
  • Friday, July 7: Rest Day
  • Saturday, July 8: Bike Ride | 37.71 miles | 2:09 hrs | Cyclologic Group B
  • Sunday, July 9: Long Run | 17 miles | 2:24 hrs | Treadmill (The Village)

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