Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

It was race week. All training was easy and relaxed except for the hard Interval session on Tuesday. My training highlight of the week came during the 5k. I blogged about it race a few days back. It was nice to win the age group and come in 7th overall (out of 196 runners).

My race week looked like this:

  • Monday, July 31: Rest Day
  • Tuesday, August 1: Interval Run | 8 miles | 1:05 hours | Treadmill (The Village)
  • Wednesday, August 2: Easy Run | 4 miles | 33:57 mins | Parsus Office
  • Thursday, August 3: Rest Day
  • Friday, August 4: 5k Race | 22:03 mins | 1st in AG | 7th overall | Tempe
  • Saturday, August 5: Cardio Strength | 36:37 mins | The Village
  • Sunday, August 6: Easy Run | 10 miles | 1:23 hrs | Treadmill (The Village)

Last week, I gave a talk on Digital Transformation to one of my clients. I spoke about the evolution of Digital and the spectrum of change as it relates to technology. It was really well-received.

In preparing for this speech, I came across a book called The Medici Effect. I recommend that anyone interested in innovation at the intersection of ideas, cultures and genres should read this book. It’s an easy read. The author, Frans Johansson also has a TED talk that provides a synopsis of the thesis of his book. He’s obviously an intellectual and wrote this book as a final thesis at Harvard more than 10 years ago.

Speaking of TED talks, I came across one called The Gospel of Doubt by Casey Gerald. It has become my favorite TED talk. It is so good that I think he should run for President. He is better spoken and has more charisma than Obama; and there is no comparison between him and Trump (let’s not go there).

On August 26, we leave for Borneo and Bali. I am beyond excited about this trip. The itinerary is packed! The first few days will see the three of us (me, Binita, Naman) vagabonding in northeastern Borneo around the Kinabatangan river in Sabah, Malaysia (staying at Sukau Lodge). On the agenda will be birding and river safaris. Joy joy joy!

Next, we will celebrate Maithili’s wedding in Bali. I have no doubt that it will be non-stop partying for a solid 3 days. Alcohol will flow like the Nile river and everyone will smile incessantly. More joy joy joy!

Next, we will spend a few days in Ubud (also in Bali). On the agenda will be rest and relaxation. I have arranged a 100k bike ride in the hills of Bali with a guide (Stefano). I can’t wait to explore the island on a road bike! Still more joy joy joy!

As for training for Chicago, it will take a back seat for a few days starting August 26. That’s life!

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