Chicago Marathon Training Week 10 – Off to Borneo and Bali

I’m in Sukau Rainforest Lodge in the middle of nowhere, Borneo, Malaysia as I write this. This post will most likely be posted either in Sandakan, Borneo or Bali, Indonesia. I have to admit that the last thing on my mind is training! I am in the middle of viewing absolutely amazing wildlife that I will blog about soon.

As for the week of training, it was nothing special. I have no idea why you would even be interested but here goes:

  • Monday, August 21: Rest Day
  • Tuesday, August 22: Run | 7.5 miles | 1:00 hrs | Sprint Intervals (The Village)
  • Wednesday, August 23: Easy Run | 5 miles | 42:31 mins | The Village
  • Thursday, August 24: Rest Day
  • Friday, August 25: Run | 6 miles | 48:27 mins | Sprint Intervals (Parsus Office)
  • Saturday, August 26: Rest Day | Off to Borneo
  • Sunday, August 27: Rest Day | Lost today because crossed International Date Line
On Saturday we took off to Borneo. Our flight was long but uneventful.
We are in Sukau Rainforest Lodge on the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, Malaysia in the middle of nowhere! We have seen tons and tons of incredible birds, animals and reptiles, and the “Borneo Big 5” – I will blog about it next week. Training is pretty much stagnant for now!

For now, just enjoy a sample image from Borneo. Stay tuned for more…


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