Chicago Marathon Training Week 13

I’ve been working on The Borneo Experience for a couple of weeks now. I’m quite happy with the way it has turned out. Here it is!

It’s back to the grind for Chicago Marathon training. It was still hot in Arizona this week with temperatures hovering right around the triple-digit mark. Therefore, once again, most running was indoors!

It was my birthday on the 12th but I’m not big on birthdays! The celebration was at a mellow Mexican restaurant on Saturday (remember, in America you only celebrate on the weekends).

Pace Distribution – 20 mile long run for Chicago Marathon Training

The training highlight came on Sunday with my last long run of 20 miles. Unfortunately, it was a nonstop run on the treadmill at The Village. I don’t feel quite ready to start tapering but the race is on October 8; hence tapering has begun!

  • Monday, September 11: Rest Day
  • Tuesday, September 12: Run | 5.1 miles | 42:28 mins | DC Ranch Neighborhood
  • Wednesday, September 13: Run – Intervals | 5.0 miles | 41:00 mins | Parsus Office Treadmill
  • Thursday, September 14: Rest Day
  • Friday, September 15: Run | 4.0 miles | 33:33 mins | The Village
  • Saturday, September 16: Bike | 16.5 miles | 57:14 mins | Sonoran Parkway
  • Sunday, September 17: Long Run | 20 miles | 2:44 mins | The Village

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