Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

We are 7 days away from the Chicago Marathon. This blog entry is about last week (week ended September 24, 2017), when all was well. That changed yesterday with a bike crash (you will read more about it in a few days, but you have already seen some of it if you follow me on Instagram). The countdown has begun but expectations have waned because of the crash.

On Monday, I received the official Chicago Marathon race packet. I am in Wave 1, Corral E, bib number 18618. The 6th and final Marathon Major is on track, on schedule (albeit I am now gimpy). I’m hoping that Singapore is added to the list as a 7th major.

Easy ride last Saturday with Kristi, Katie, Tom

I have to give OOFOS a big shoutout here. They tweeted me and sent me a FREE pair of ultra-comfortable recovery sandals. Not only do they look good, they feel like you are walking on clouds. Thank you OOFOS for that kind gesture!

Recovering in OOFOS Sandals after 5 easy miles (proud of my ugly runners’ feet)

For now, I am following the following “secrets” as per advice from McMillan Running.

  • 1. Secret: Don’t change your weekly running routine
  • 2. Secret: Reduce weekly training volume, but not too much
  • 3. Secret: Keep the engine revved
  • 4. Secret: Plan your strategy and stick with it
  • 5. Secret: Reflect on training to build confidence
  • 6. Secret: Have fun and smile
I have prepared my Chicago Marathon plan but it may change. I will tell you about it when I blog next week.
My training last week looked like this:


  • Monday, September 18: Rest Day
  • Tuesday, September 19: Run – Intervals | 6.7 miles | 56:50 mins | The Village
  • Wednesday, September 20: Rest Day
  • Thursday, September 21: Run | 5.0 miles | 42:24 mins | The Village
  • Friday, September 22: Run | 2.4 miles | 19:44 mins | Silverleaf
  • Saturday, September 23: Bike | 25.1 miles | 1:41 hrs | North Scottsdale (with Kristi, Katie, Tom)
  • Sunday, September 24: Run – Intervals | 8.3 miles | 1:08 hrs | The Village

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