Revel Kulia is tomorrow

Saffron Finch

The Big Island is gorgeous! It’s warm and windy. Tomorrow is the big race; 26.2 miles of exhilarating torture. The course is downhill with sporadic uphill patterns. From my own GPS analysis, I expect to get out of the gate fast and stay there for the first hour for an average of 7:30 per mile pace (8 miles).

The next hour is marked by undulating hills but still a net downhill. It is a critical time of the race where patience will be in focus. It will be a good 1 minute per mile slower than the first hour. If I can get to 15+ miles in 2 hours and good energy left in the tank, I expect a good race. Else, it’s curtains!

If all goes well for 2 hours, the third hour will be back to cruise control to see what’s left in the final few miles for the finish.

I need 3:35 to qualify for Boston. My race-plan calls for a 3:30 race; good enough to qualify and likely good enough to get in (but you never know). With a bit of luck, a bit of tail-wind and a bit of focus, I just may qualify. I’m optimistic. One never knows what will present itself at mile 18 or 20 or 22 or even 24; watch for the race report coming in the next day or so.

Meantime, enjoy these lovely birds (Saffron Finch and Hawaiian Goose) from the Big Island of Hawaii. Oh and if you want to track my race, click here.

Saffron Finch
Saffron Finch
Hawaiian Goose - Nene
Hawaiian Goose – Nene

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